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Connecting Solutions to Successes

There is a growing need for event organizers to utilize technology in all aspects of their event cycle: marketing, communications, engagement, operations, planning, registration, and sales. 

Given the crowded and confusing tech marketplace, there is an opportunity to help our customers identify and implement products and services that best fits their needs and provide actionable insights to drive better-informed decisions.

tecCONNECT is a suite of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our customers regardless of their level of technology adoption or sophistication. The solutions range from tech vendor matchmaking, to integration & implementation, and to artificial intelligence-powered data services. At the high end of the service suite, customers will have the ability to use their data to gain powerful insights that will inform all areas of their business.

tecCONNECT will benefit events and organizations by:

  • Driving attendee, exhibitor and sponsor revenue
  • Elevating attendee experience and engagement
  • Allowing for better budgeting and resource management
  • Improving planning process for event organizers

select & source

An interactive guide for event organizers to research and source technology providers. It features dynamic search, allowing organizers to filter results based on their needs. Also included is an eRFP tool to facilitate selection and purchase process.



This collaboration aligns with our mission to deliver high-value solutions and innovative technology for our customers.



A platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to harness data from multiple sources and utilize predictive analytics to output actionable insights.

How We Do It








The Event Source Guide

  • Explore a +120 event technology database that has been vetted through demos, referred from clients, and/or found through active participation at industry events.
  • Source and manage your proposal process through a personalized project page.
  • Share documents/RFP, communicate one-to-one, and keep all associated information contained in a cloud-based account.
  • Contribute feedback on your experiences to help your peers and other event professionals make buying decisions.


“Our goal is to help our customers use technology to design and deliver events with enhanced experiences that benefit their participants, as well as their own organizations.” 

Cory Smith, managing director, digital services

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