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Show Organizer Services 

We are an event services provider, offering a full array of tradeshow event services, event management, corporate event services, and exhibition services. We are known industry-wide for our unparalleled customer service, experienced account management team, and can do culture. We cater our services to  every customer, providing solutions based on each organizations  unique needs.

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Personalized Customer Experience

Customer service is what sets Shepard apart from our competitors–it is our number one business function.

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At the start of each cycle, show organizers are assigned a dedicated, experienced, and dependable account management team to inspire creativity and efficiently manage each show from start to finish. Every Shepard Associate is put through an extensive training program bi-annually, The Blue Diamond Experience™, to ensure success. During events, our staff will operate from the Shepard Customer Service Center – providing a one-stop location for all exhibition services. We will provide a work area for your designated exhibits manager to ensure they are integrated and visible to your exhibitor. We will also provide work space for all approved ancillary service contractors who are represented in the exhibitor manual and for the facility’s services.

Creative Design and Development

Our expert graphic design team will  produce high impact signage to make a lasting impression on your attendees, exhibitors and key stakeholders.

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Using state of the art equipment, techniques, and tools, we print high quality materials of all sizes with graphics that capture your theme, event feel and exhibitor graphics. The majority of our printing capability is in-house which allows us to offer progressive, high-end and innovation signage options to our customers at affordable costs. Shepard's in-house team of graphic designers and print production experts will provide:
• Signs, graphics and banners that are of the highest quality utilizing our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and high-quality materials.
• Consistent graphic designs that reflect your theme and event look and feel
Each customer receives our complimentary Design Summit service, which is an opportunity for show organizers to engage with Shepard's design and creative teams for the purpose of creating the show's look and feel. This service helps to align your expectations with design, messaging and the show's experience.

Critical Path Management

Our detailed work plans outline all deliverables, dependencies, responsibilities and schedules. During production, the Critical Path is monitored and maintained, and serves as our mutual road map to success.

Shepard Marketing Services 

Acquisition, retention, and engagement are the terms that fuel Shepard’s marketing team.

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Growing expectations and new technologies are changing the landscape of face-to-face marketing and our talented team of event architects, creative think tanks and designers work with show organizers to strategically address this changing playing field. We will work with your team and key stakeholders to understand your overall marketing goals and plug-in where help is needed, providing services that will enhance and evolve your event to remain competitive and drive success.

Concierge Program

Shepard’s Concierge program is a dedicated customer service solution that goes the extra mile in offering service and real-time solutions.

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At least one dedicated associate will be appointed to your account, offering assistance before, during and after your event.

Floorplan Management

The venue you choose to host your event and the design and  layout of the floor plan are major factors in determining the success of your event.

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Our floor plan management tools and services help our customers decide on location, provide maximum impact for attendee experience, and manage the detail-oriented process of maintaining floor plan layout updates throughout the planning process.

Audio Visual Services

For Shepard, an A/V services is more than equipment and labor, it’s about delivering an experience-for both show organizer and attendee alike.

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From the most basic exhibit booth presentation to a full-fledged theatrical production, Shepard's AV services will provide a seamless, turnkey experience that integrated all technical event needs into a single source. Services Include:

  • Live Event Services
  • General Sessions
  • Breakouts
  • Event Recording
  • Event Streaming

Sponsorship Mapping

Driving non-booth revenue at events is an important initiative in creating financial success. Shepard’s sponsorship mapping program is a facility-specific interactive venue map to help identify location opportunities.

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This interactive tool provides size and location details for a variety of tactics and well as photograph for each location. Tactic locations include: Hanging Banners, Column Wraps, Floor Stickers, Free-Standing Sings, Experiential Zones. This tool can be hosted on your events website for easy location identification. Shepard customers have experienced sponsorship revenue increases of 850% utilizing this dynamic program.

Event Technology

Shepard’s event technology and online planning tools help show organizers and exhibitors efficiently plan and organize all the moving parts of their events.

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All our tools were designed to consolidate as much information in one place with user-friendly interfaces for ease of use; integration to our database to pre-populate for convenience and speed; One-Click™ services enabling exhibitors to order all of our services, including third-party ancillary services, through one place; and communication tools that drive real-time customer service.

Budget Management

Detailed budgeting and reporting are critical standard operating procedures for our project teams.

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Our “no surprises“ approach assure you that your budgets are turnkey with no hidden costs. We act as partners and good stewards of your money to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment.


Shepard provides a standard two-man rigging crew that consists of a forklift, forklift operator, and a rigger. We adhere to the rules and regulations set by the venue and use best in talent and  equipment to ensure efficiency and safety.

Furnishings and Carpet

We have an expansive inventory of standard and specialty furnishings and carpet to ensure we meet all of our customers’ unique needs. Our account executives work with our customers to recommend the best solution for their space to facilitate both traditional and specialty meetings.

Logistics & Storage

Our dedicated team of logistic professionals will provide you with the most complete and trusted services in the business. We offer complete inbound and outbound services, ensuring your freight arrives safely, on time, and at cost-effective pricing. Same goes for the way home.

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Logistic Services Include:

  • Exhibitors arrange pick-up and delivery via our online Exhibitor Manual
  • From shipment pick-up to booth-check confirmation, Exhibitors can track and monitor shipment progress.
  • Weather and other potential sources of delay are considered and factored into shipping schedules.
  • On-time delivery is guaranteed by Shepard Logistics of it's FREE.

Event Production

With decades of experience executing innovative programs for a range of clients, Shepard’s ability to produce high quality, cost-efficient shows and events delivers more value for our clients.

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Powered by Aquarian, Shepard manages all aspects of live events and provides services from pre-meetings through post-conventions. Production Services:

  • Keynote speaker acquisition
  • Entertainment & Celebrity Talent Procurement
  • Theme Development
  • Professional Script Writing
  • Presentation Production
  • Staging Audio & Video
  • Theatrical Lighting

Material Handling

An orderly and efficient move-in and move-out of freight is paramount to the success of any event. Shepard developed a strategic move-in/out schedule to ensure the highest efficiency for all constituents.

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Warehouse Shepard will received crated exhibits and exhibit materials at our warehouse, store them for up to 30 days prior to set-up time, deliver to exhibitor's booth at the hall, remove, store, and return empty containers and reload for outbound shipments. Event Site Shepard will receive shipments delivered directly to the event site on installation day and bring to the exhibitor's booth. We will remove, store, and return empty containers, return materials, and reload for outbound shipment.

Electrical Services

Shepard will provide coordination for all electrical requirements of the event, if not handled by the facility.

Pavilion Development

Special interest pavilions are an important part of a show’s experience design plan. Our experience, 3D and 2D design teams work collaboratively with your groups to create environments that deliver engaging experiences for your attendees and qualified traffic to your exhibitors.

Event Management Space

Typical to most events, the show organizer has allocated space throughout their event where they want to drive their engagement and visibility. Examples include membership booth, registration, innovation centers, lounges, internet cafes, eating areas, business partnering, etc…

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for you event, you have the option of selecting from our standard inventory of exhibit displays, floor coverings, and furnishings, or have out exhibit design staff create a custom exhibit to complement your marketing direction. Check out what others show organizers have done>>

Installation and Dismantle

Our team is equipped with the resources you need for a seamless installation and dismantle of your exhibit booth. We work closely with the event venue and city to adhere to rules and regulations and use cutting-edge technology and skilled labor to efficiently stay on budget and manage tight timeline so you don’t have to.

Exhibitor Academy

Helping your exhibitors achieve success is one of the most important factors in achieving overall success for your show. This complimentary service provides your exhibitors with communications, tools and education to help them get the most out of their show.


Sandbox is an educational program dedicated to the creation of success through collaborative learning, networking and idea-sharing. The program operates through multiple communication channels including face-to-face events and virtual platforms.

Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Our Exhibitor Services and Solutions (ESS) have a long standing reputation with exhibitors for providing the latest, most innovative services and exhibit products available in the industry. Our capabilities include total turnkey custom rentals, the latest fabric options and all types of graphic choices.

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Our experts work based on the exhibitors needs and offer solutions that are customized to specific exhibitor goals and needs. From small inlines to large pavilions, out experience is put to work for you exhibitors to maximize their show ROI with the latest innovation in the industry. Detailed offerings >>

Web Design

Your event web site is your communication front door for all your event constituents: Attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, trade press, industry people, and prospects.

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Its ability to effectively inform, attract and transact is essential to your success. Our experts are available to assist you in evaluating you needs and designing your virtual event home.

Media Production

Media (video) can play an important role pre-event, onsite, and post-event. We will help you create a media strategy, design, and produce the media, and assist in developing a location plan for media playback.

Onsite Quality Control

Shepard has instituted an internal onsite operational audit to ensure that responsibilities such as quality control of equipment, appropriate branding, compliance with our safety program, utilization of technology tools, as well as the adherence to all of our best practices, are being done to your satisfaction.

Exhibitor Service Manual

We provide each event with a custom print and digital Exhibitor Service Manual, an all-in-one planning tool of information, perks, deadlines, discounts, and everything else needed for exhibitors to successfully plan and execute their exhibit booth.