Forward-thinking. Future-proof. First-of-its-kind. Our voice-driven assistant, eventVOICE, is designed to transform and enhance the attendee experience. And we’re making it easier than ever. All you have to do is say the word.

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Voice The Future

With seamless Amazon Alexa integration, eventVOICE is a template-based, artificial intelligence platform that enables voice-based, personalized assistance for your event. Say hello to better, smarter customer experiences.

Work smarter

Setting up your voice-based experience is easy through the interactive dashboard. Simply select pre-configured, ready-to-go templates, test interactivity and go live. Plus, every interaction is captured, so you can see comprehensive reports.

Enhance engagement

Exhibitors demand better and broader ways to connect with their audiences, and with eventVOICE, they can now deliver voice-first customer experiences at every event. Which means increased exhibitor engagement.

Transform experiences

Search through exhibitors, skim special events, print badges, grab the daily agenda and connect with customer service. All the event assistance attendees need. Made possible with just a voice device and, well, your voice.

Want More?

Our event technology doesn’t stop at voice. We also have a tool that simplifies the process of searching, sourcing and selecting new technologies.