September 2023

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ATLANTA, GA - Shepard, an industry-leading event production provider, is excited to announce its newest collaboration with Map Your Show, a cutting-edge event management software company. Map Your Show offers a comprehensive suite of event management solutions, including interactive floor plan software, exhibitor management, mobile app navigation, and advertising sales, creating

By: Steve Margos, Chief Operating Officer, Shepard   Over the past couple of months, Shepard CEO Kevin Bird and I have had the privilege of traveling to our branches across the country to conduct in-person training on our Blue Diamond Customer Service standard.   To put it simply, Blue Diamond Customer Service is

In the dynamic world of events, where average doesn’t cut it anymore, stepping up your audiovisual game is a great way to set your event apart. Join us on a journey as we explore how astute event organizers are leveraging new AV technologies to create immersive environments, captivate audiences, and craft