Case Study: Texas Society of Architects

The Texas Society of Architects moved their annual live conference event to Virtual. The show’s Theme was “Catalyst”, and it was held online October 29th to 31st. Consulting with Shepard’s LiveEX team, the decision was made to utilize the EngageZ technology platform, primarily due to its enhanced graphics capability. The approach was to simulate the look and feel of a physical convention center space, building an electronic entrance lobby, exhibit hall, lounges, theatres and breakout rooms..

The agenda included a daily live General Session, and 35 prerecorded breakout sessions, spread over the 3 days of the conference. 4 virtual custom networking rooms were created for the attendees to network together, based on their discipline. This included 1:1 live video as well.

One unique item that we reimagined was the Architect building tours. Award winning structures used to have small guided tour groups view the buildings. Instead, we sent a video team to Dallas and created (9) 30-40-minute hosted tour videos of the structures. We employed aerial drones, 360-degree cameras, and historic archive footage to tell the stories. Since they were video, many more Architects were able to see these tours, then previously attended in person. We were also able to highlight building features in a way not possible in person.