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Simple Exhibit Designs Techniques that Attract Audiences


Duh-Duh-Duh-DUMmmmm … imagine the first four notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Or Keith Richard’s iconic guitar riff on The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” They are the finishing touches that make great music into extraordinary music.

Getting to Extraordinary

Now, take a moment and think about your trade show booth or exhibit. Is it fairly good, pretty great – or extraordinary? The difference isn’t usually in the design or the graphics. It’s in the details that make it stand out on a crowded show floor – the finishing touches. Let’s look at how to make your booth distinctive, grab attention and go from great to extraordinary.

The Finishing Touch

Here’s what can make that difference for your booth – powder coating. I’ll pause a second for you to think, “What?” Powder coating is a dry finishing process that applies a colorful, high-quality, durable finish to metal … in an almost limitless range of colors and textures.

Just Go with the Flow

The actual process starts with a dry powder coating. When the powder is sprayed, it’s given a positive electric charge. The metal framework is given a negative electrostatic charge. Okay, just think magnets or how your hair sticks to your hairbrush in the winter. The paint sticks to the metal, is baked and flows to form the final coating.

You may not be familiar with the name, but you are surrounded by examples. Your stove, refrigerator, microwave, bike frame, shelves, that vending machine in the breakroom, even the baby crib are all powder coated. It’s the finish of choice because it’s tough, looks great, and is a more economical and environmentally friendly option than traditional painting.

Reimagine Your Booth

Why should you care? Because trade show booths and exhibits are built on metal frameworks that support the graphics, monitors, etc. They are basically silver. They look good and are the industry standard … but that means everyone uses them. Just about every booth on the show floor has silver metal surrounding everything.

Powder coating lets you apply the color or colors you want to complement your booth design, make it even more visually appealing and stand out. You can add color as a contrast. You can use it to coordinate with the color scheme of your graphics. You can color-code areas of your trade show space to create target spaces and places. You can change the look of displays and stands to match a new design.

Put the Frame Around Your Masterpiece

At Shepard, we want your trade show booth or exhibit to become a masterpiece of value. It has to generate the results you need. So it has to be the right mixture of engineering, practicality and art. Well, every great masterpiece deserves a frame, right?

Think of the color-coordinated metal as the frame around a picture. A frame gives people a perspective on what’s inside. It draws them in and makes them focus. That’s what applying a colorful powder coating to the metal structures of your booth can do. The famous artist Matisse described the four sides of a frame as “the most important parts of a picture.”

If You are Designing a New Booth

  • Powder coating can enhance the booth design and help to showcase your messages.
  • It provides the visual continuity between your spaces and your graphics and signage.

If You are Updating an Existing Booth

  • Powder coating can create a more contemporary look and impression.
  • You can erase years of wear and tear from shipping, installation and dismantling to make the booth look new again.
  • It is an economical way to modernize the image you are communicating.

Add Your Own Finishing Touches

Whether your booth or exhibit is new or existing, colorful powder coating helps make you stand out in a forest of metal-framed exhibits. Shepard can work with you to find opportunities to use powder coating to add new impact and versatility to your booth. It’s just one more way we can team up with you to make your booth distinctive, grab attention, and go from great to extraordinary.

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