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Getting to Know Speaker Vision, Shepard AV’s Speaker Management Platform


Presentation management is a key component of a well‐organized event, and more and more event planners are starting to turn to presentation management platforms, much like Shepard AV’s Speaker Vision, to help them keep track of their session content. We sat down with Elise Lindsey, Senior Vice President of Shepard AV to find out more about what Speaker Vision is and how it can help your event go off without a hitch:

Q: Why are presentation management platforms so valuable?

A: With technology advancing faster than ever, event organizers are looking for new and improved ways to execute every aspect of their shows flawlessly. Presentations are vital to creating engaging programming but managing large groups can be stressful and time consuming for planners. Not to mention, keeping the presentations and speakers organized is only half of the stress. Event planners must also consider the vast room for last minute, on‐site technical issues. Nothing derails a speaker quite like technical difficulties, and they’re embarrassing for all stakeholders.

The solution to these problems is a reliable speaker management platform. The praises of having all your presentation collateral combined into one easy‐to‐use and easy‐to‐access online platform are clear enough. Presentation management platforms aid the speaker planning process by compiling all speaker material and presentation updates, and channeling them through one central location, which minimizes the opportunities for technical issues. In addition, these platforms typically come with onsite technical management, which minimizes the likelihood of equipment‐based issues arising last minute and embarrassing your speakers or your organization.

Q: What is Speaker Vision?

A: Speaker Vision is Shepard’s online presentation management tool for meeting and event planners. Shepard AV provides a customized web portal for presenters and event planners to upload their session PowerPoints prior to the event and on‐site to ensure a seamless, high quality speaker and audience experience. Speaker Vision removes the burden on meeting organizers to manage their speaker’s presentation technically, so they can spend more time planning their events and less time trying to get PowerPoints organized.

Q: How easy is Speaker Vision to use?

A: The upload site is user friendly and easy to navigate on the front end for speakers, and equally as intuitive on the back end for organizers. It automatically updates all speaker collateral so that the most current version is available on all devices. The design of the platform has been crafted to optimize user experience and create a smooth transition at all stages of speaker management.

Q: What sets Speaker Vision apart from other similar platforms?

A: The Speaker Vision presentation management tool is customizable at a reasonable cost and is available exclusively to Shepard clients.  Our team works closely with the client, providing them with a speaker template that’s easily populated and used to customize the platform to suit their speaker needs. We in turn create a database that compiles all presentation materials in one centralized, online upload site that can be referenced and managed by the show organizer. Planners always have an open line of communication with our responsive staff to ensure the highest quality service, especially during the most critical moments leading up to event kickoff. Speaker Vision clients truly experience Shepard’s Blue Diamond standard for customer service.

Q: How does Speaker Vision help set Shepard AV apart from competitors?

A: Our competitors have great speaker management software available, but their offerings are significantly more robust with additional services, which makes them a lot more expensive. Shepard AV has a significantly more affordable customizable option so that meeting planners can have access to this type of platform in a version that is as simple or as robust as they choose.  We provide access to this service to clients that might not otherwise reap the benefits of a useful technology like this because of budget

Q: What does the future of Speaker Vision look like?

A: The future is a bright one. As a Shepard owned platform, we are able to evolve and update Speaker Vision as industry trends and technologies advance. As the Speaker Vision client base grows, we are learning how to better serve planners needs and grow accordingly. Now that Speaker Vision is part of the Shepard family, more and more event planners have access to this technology when Shepard AV is selected as their production and staging partner.

Q: Give me three words on how you’d describe Speaker Vision?
A: Reliable, customizable, affordable. Speaker Vision is a product that truly embodies the characteristics of Shepard service.

What Clients Say About Speaker Vision: 

“I have used Speaker Vision as a meeting organizer for almost a decade and have never had any issues or complaints from presenters. The customer service and communication has always been stellar with the Speaker Vision team, which can be hard to find these days. Their attentiveness and high-quality service gives me peace of mind knowing my programming will flow seamlessly. The most helpful parts are that Speaker Vision allows my speakers to make last minute changes that automatically update, and the Speaker Vision team is always quick to respond if I have any questions or concerns, which is crucial during the crunch time before a show.” – Terri Mobley, CMP, Director of Meetings and Events, Society for Maternal‐Fetal Medicine

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