Auction off your event, a way to give back

Engagement Ideas

| Written by Taylor Hartenbach on August 26, 2019

Neon Auction- SandboxLIVE

Charitable giving isn’t a new idea for events but generating fresh ways to incorporate giving can create buzz and engage your audience in fun, unique ways. At our annual customer event, SandboxLIVE, we incorporated clever neon signs into our environment design. Not only did they spark conversations and make for many an #instagramable moment, but they generated over $2000 in a matter of minutes!

We married our Shepard GO and engagement strategy and came up with a Neon Auction.  We auctioned off 7 different signs with all proceeds going directly to a local Louisville charity. The auction generated energy in the room and friendly bantering between the audience—everyone was laughing. As a side perk, 7 of our attendees will hang the signs in their office, home, or other space and it will be a reminder of the event and Shepard each time they see the sign.