An Easy and FREE Way to Help Your Attendees Connect: LinkedIn’s “Find Nearby” Feature

Engagement Ideas

| Written by Nicole Coffey on February 19, 2019

LinkedIn is already the ultimate business networking tool, but they’re making networking on-the-go easier!

Check out the “Find Nearby” feature—it helps you find new connections based on your location. When you open the feature within the mobile app, LinkedIn locates other users that are nearby at conferences, events, and more so you can identify and engage valuable prospects more easily.

Not a lot of people know about the feature, but there are fun opportunities to create awareness within your event planning. During housekeeping notes, provide directions on the feature and have them meet and connect with the person beside them—you can even provide an icebreaker question to create a quick conversation for a deeper connection. Or, you can create simple directions and print them on the back of the attendee badge to educate them on the feature and begin connecting!