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5 Experiential AV Technologies


All great events have those memorable moments that make you say, “Wow!”

Steve Jobs’ engaging product launches, Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions and the Tupac hologram at Coachella all surprised people and burned those events into people’s minds. As a conference organizer, you strive to create experiences like these that will stick with people.

Technology can be your greatest ally when trying to add this wow factor. New technology has the ability to captivate people and give them experiences they want to tell their friends about. With modern AV tech, you can give your conference attendees something to really talk about.

3D Projection Mapping

This technology allows you to cast projections on 3D objects and irregular surfaces to create jaw-dropping effects. You can tear apart a building as a T. rex erupts from the windows. By combining this with engaging audio, you can create an enthralling real-time story that has your audience disbelieving their eyes.

Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality

Since the Tupac hologram brought the rapper back to life in 2012, this technology has come a long way. Holograms have become much easier to deploy. They are great for bringing faraway people right up on stage. A live video feed on a television just can’t compete with a live hologram.

Combined with augmented reality tech, holograms can help you reach a whole new level of engagement with attendees. Companies such as our partner VNTANA have created holographic photo booths that let mini-versions of attendees play games in digital environments.

LED/Digital Experiences

LEDs are not groundbreaking, but they are much easier to bring to events and more cost-effective to use.

Up on stage, light is your friend, and nothing can create gorgeous color combinations like LEDs can. We now have the processing power to create some mind-blowing LED effects. With more advanced software we can also map the negative space between LED panels, creating more seamless effects that really enhance the mood of your event.

Live Polling and Streaming

People love to make an impact on the world around them, and live polling lets your audience participate in your presentation. Live polling apps allow audience members to contribute ideas and have fun by participating in onstage games.

Live polling apps not only allow you to create a conversation with your audience, but also let you feel out knowledge gaps in a group so you can create a more engaging dialog with them.

And don’t forget about Facebook Live to extend your audience beyond the doors of the auditorium and get some extra engagement. With changes to Facebook’s algorithm, hosting Facebook Live videos helps you get into people’s feeds more often as well.

Hearing Apps

Our world is full of white noise, and conferences can be especially noisy. Hearing apps such as Hearing HotSpot allow attendees to tune out the racket and focus in on TV displays, booth presentations and live onstage events. Getting a clear audio line is as easy as finding a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone.

The best technologies bring people together, either by making it easy to communicate or by giving people a shared experience to talk about. But sometimes it’s difficult to overcome compelling technology, like getting people to put their smartphones away and engage at your event. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. By effectively using this tech, you can cut through the noise and create those wow moments that people will be talking about long after your conference is over.

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