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Four Trends Disrupting Events

| 02/13/2018


Virtual reality, drones, artificial intelligence, big data, live streaming, the list of buzzwords “revolutionizing events” is endless, and therefore meaningless. If everything is a threat to the events industry, then nothing is.

Instead, consider that a majority of Americans do not have someone they trust to call in a crisis. The British found it better to be separate from Europe than united. And lastly, over half a million Japanese young adults do not leave their home for weeks. We do not have to wonder whether the events industry should grow. People desperately need events to connect and form meaningful relationships.

Look at SXSW, CES, Burning Man; these events do something special to elevate themselves from the mundane to be inspiring, and captivating. They attract the most engaged and engaging, thrill seeking,


C’mon Healthcare – Show Us Your Beauty

| 02/06/2018

Healthcare.  Modern medicine.  Science.  Its data-driven, research-based, regulated, and to the uninitiated, it’s boring.  And nothing could be farther from the truth.

We hear of great teachers who take technical and or difficult subjects and present them in a way that engages students minds and makes the subject matter interesting. More popular examples include educators like Bill Nye the Science Guy and or/ Science Bob Pflugfelder  But when it comes to most displays or live healthcare events, information is presented as if it’s 1918, not 2018.  That’s not to say we need to light things on fire or blow them up to prove a scientific property.  No, we can leave that to the late-night talk shows and earlier educational settings.  But there is beauty and brilliance in how we are accomplishing our advances in healthcare.  Let’s use that beauty to engage and inform and yes,


10 Tips For Choosing Fresh, Relevant Speakers and Energizing Entertainment

| 02/01/2018

Fresh, relevant speakers and energizing entertainment are two of your best ways to deliver what your attendees want from your conference or event. According to the ICCA, PCMA, and MPI, the top reasons people attend are:

  1. To gain information and learn
  2. Networking with new and old friends
  3. Sharing experiences

Attendees come for the active experiences and to learn. Speakers who can connect with your audiences on a personal and professional level provide both information and experiences. Well-chosen professional entertainment transforms networking into a shared experience and positive memories.

Before You Start Searching

Here are some key questions you should answer before searching for a guest speaker.

  • What are your key goals and objectives for the event?
  • What are the audience’s key goals and objectives?
  • What topics, issues or information would be most relevant and valuable to the audience?


Part 3: How to use Experience Design for Successful Events

| 01/30/2018

In the last post, we were inspired by event and non-event examples of great experience designs from Build-a-Bear Workshop, PIRCH, Shepard, and POKEN. We learned that as event and event management companies create value for their audiences (attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers), they earn more at the same time.

Let’s use the speaker’s perspective to flesh out part of an Experience Design. (The same thinking naturally applies to entertainers, sponsors, exhibitors, and so on.)

First, think about what speakers need most. In other words, how participating in events creates value for them. And, think about what you need as well.

What do speakers want most?

  • Visibility
  • Meaningful connections to prospects
  • Good ROI (whether paid, honorarium, or free)
  • Access to new markets
  • A boost to their brand
  • Their next assignments

What do event managers (who hire speakers) want most?