Audio Visual Technology

Committed to providing technology you can count on. We offer a comprehensive inventory of state-of-the art audio visual equipment.

The future of AV technology is here.

Virtual Reality

Give your event attendees a glimpse into the future of technology, today.

Virtual reality AV technology

3D Holographic Displays

Wow audiences with holographic displays straight out of a sci-fi flick.

Holographic mapping AV technology

Touchscreen Wayfinding

Orient event-goers with centrally administered, interactive touchscreen wayfinding.

Touchscreen wayfinding AV technology

Seamless presentation management with Speaker Vision.

Finally, your ticket to seamless presentation management. Our state-of-the-art Speaker Vision technology takes the stress out of presentations—for you and your speakers.

Centralized Presentations

Speaker Vision compiles all presentations in one master location for easy access. And with a Speaker Vision-networked computer in each session room, there’s no need to transition laptops between presentations.

Peace of Mind

Speaker Vision staff confidentially reviews all presentations in advance to ensure when it’s go-time, nothing gets between your speakers and their audience.

Real-Time Management

Our onsite speaker-ready room with tech support lets you make changes in-the-moment, post live event announcements and get help with any issues immediately. Plus, we electronically time and date stamp all presentations to make version control easier.

Introducing Speaker Vision, the Future of Presentation Management

More Tech Solutions

We are committed to providing technology you can count on. See below for an overview
of our comprehensive inventory.

Advanced AV Technology

We embrace the latest innovations, tailored to your event needs.

Digital Displays & Signage

Display an array of digital messages from one centralized place.

LED Technology

Use LED technology to transform your event.

Video Walls

Captivate your audience and create an immersive experience with video walls.

Projection Mapping

Amplify your event space and drive visual dimension with projection mapping.

Computer Rentals & More

Cost efficiently access computer technology and more.

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