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Event Audio Visual Services

Technology can transform an event into an immersive experience. From large scale events to intimate exhibitions and everything in between, our innovative solutions incorporate the latest tech, sound and visual equipment into your unforgettable event.

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    Creative Services

    From interactive design to immersive video, our creative resources offer fully integrated solutions that keep your message consistent and your attendees interested.

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    Event Production & Stage Design

    From the stage to the presentation, our producers and designers bring your event theme and message to life. And with Shepard ensuring every presentation goes smoothly, you’ll have peace of mind that your production will be a success.

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    Our extensive video services enable us to create stunning, immersive environments with advanced technology—from HD video projectors, screens and monitors to large-scale LED systems, video switching, playback and recording.

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    Our full line of advanced audio solutions and expert audio technicians provides an experience you—and your attendees—can count on.

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    Take your event lighting to the next level with our skilled lighting designers and the latest in cost-efficient LED lighting technology.

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    Performed by experienced and licensed professionals, our rigging solutions clear your floors of audio and lighting equipment, providing a smooth experience for your participants.

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    Live Streaming & Webcasting

    Whether you're opting for a hybrid event or a full virtual conference, our live streaming and webcasting services make sure your live event reaches the broadest audience.

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    New Technology & Equipment

    The future is here, and we’re keeping up. From state-of-the-art technology to the development of digital tools, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that create engaging, immersive environments.

Audio Visual Services

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Want to learn more about our AV technology services? Find out how we can transform your event by visiting our Shepard AV website.

Blackboard's annual event, BbWorld


By partnering with Shepard, executed a flawless event for education professionals.

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Next-level technology

Our presentation management technology gives speakers much-needed peace of mind and makes the process of telling your story easier.

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