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CEIR Support

Shepard is a proud member of CEIR and supporter of the CEIR Foundation.

CEIR is dedicated to providing timely and relevant research and data analytics on the exhibitions industry across fourteen industry sectors and has produced key research for the past 15 years.

CEIR research and reports keep industry professionals informed of the latest experiences and trends within the industry and promotes the image, value and growth of exhibitions through producing primary research studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of exhibitions as a marketing medium. CEIR houses the world’s largest collection of primary, exhibition-related research studies. Hundreds of reports are available to help you better understand the world of face-to-face marketing.

The CEIR Foundation plays a crucial role in the important work that CEIR does to support the exhibition industry. It delivers financial support by organizing fundraising events, developing partnerships, coordinating charitable donations, and applying for grants from industry leaders and private donors.

CEIR Membership
If you’re already a member of the International Association for Exhibitions and Events, you can access many of the CEIR reports free of charge. If you prefer to receive reports and research directly from CEIR, you can pay for individual reports or become a member. Members receive unlimited access to all CEIR marketing and research reports, customizable PowerPoint presentations, special editorials, forecasts and newsletter mailings for one annual fee. To learn more about how to become a member, visit the CEIR membership page.

Below are links to recent CEIR Reports for you to download so you can see the kind of valuable information available. We hope you’ll consider joining CEIR and supporting The CEIR Foundation.

How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent

Quick Guide on Attendee Preferences by Industry Sector

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