Shepard helps event organizers and exhibitors

design and activate engaging experiences.




Strategy, experience design, digital planning tools, and a customer-centered approach ensure success for all trade show and event stakeholders.


Purposeful and creative design, event technology, and innovative techniques transform spaces into engaging and immersive environments.


Activated stands designed to connect your brand, messages, and products with your target audience.

We Love What We Do

The soul of our company is defined by the values we believe in. To us, they’re more than words. They help to articulate a culture that is unique to Shepard. It’s a culture that’s focused on working together to create success for our customers and value for their audiences and partners. It’s a culture shaped by people who love what they do.

Success Stories

  • “We collaborated with Shepard AV for our event technology at our annual trade show, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. The best kind of partners are the ones that collaborate on a plan, arrive on site, do their job, resolve issues without commotion, and then seamlessly move out—that was Shepard AV. The process started with a discovery process where we reviewed our budget, objectives, and expectations and ended with them flawlessly delivering the solutions that perfectly suited our needs. The exhibitors were pleased with the high quality of service and equipment they received, and we’ve found a trusted partner for future events.”

    - Bob Xeller, Interwire

  • “Thank you for always trying to find ways to make my job easier and our show better.  It’s truly like having a partner with Shepard.  I’m really looking forward to our show in a few weeks.  We have some exciting things happening.”

    - Ron Procopio, USITT

  • “SECO 2017 engaged with ShepardAV for the first time since its launch at the end of 2016. I knew from experience that Shepard provides top-notch customer service in other areas, but I was very impressed by the level of audiovisual support I received. I expected there might be a learning curve, given that this is a new offering, but I was wrong. ShepardAV engaged with my team to create the exact experience we wanted. The planning and execution were seamless from beginning to end. Having worked with Stuart Danneman before, I knew he was among the best in the industry. Now Stuart has brought that experience to Shepard, and it is a wonderful collaboration. With the addition of AV services, Shepard had further solidified its role as a leader in trade shows and event production.”

    - Elizabeth Taylor, SECO International

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