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It’s Time to Get Passionate About Audience Engagement

| 04/13/2017

Engagement is one of those nebulous terms like Passion. Everyone wants it but can’t agree what it really is. Just like passion, you can feel engagement if it’s there and you know when it’s gone.


Engagement is a relationship about a specific thing for a specific time. It’s involvement, commitment, and personalization.


The big secret to building engagement is you can’t assume anything. Event participants are people and they change. The key is to determine what they need, expect, and value. Then do everything you can to create event experiences that align with those expectations. It really doesn’t matter if it’s their first conference or their 20th – the strategy is the same. People are engaged “about” something or “in” something that interests them at a particular point in time.


How to Engage People

You probably receive mail at your house addressed to Occupant?


People Are Human, Too!

| 03/10/2017

I enjoy learning and finding new growth opportunities, even when it leads to a discovery of something I don’t like about myself. As a type-A personality, I often have trouble admitting the need to change. Most type-A people struggle to admit this; we just don’t tell anyone.


I recently listened to an interesting talk by Dr. John Hambrick as he encouraged people to “move toward the mess.” His talk was about helping others and included some eye-opening information for me. We, as messes ourselves, need to help other messes when the opportunity arises. Dr. Hambrick’s talk included three emotional, sharply-piercing points on why we (and I) don’t step up enough.


As a leader, I needed to hear this lesson. We don’t step up or step to for a handful of reasons, most of which are centered around self-preservation:



A 3-Point Process That Takes You From Un-Strategic To Strategic

| 02/16/2017

Let’s be honest, we all love tactics. We can jump in and start doing things, get that instant sense of accomplishment without actually having a plan. Then, we wonder why we always seem to fall behind, and not meet all of our business objectives.


You Need A Plan
It doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting, conference, communications, or marketing – a simple strategic plan dramatically increases speed, effectiveness, and reduces mistakes. But doesn’t all that planning take forever? What if you are one of the millions of people who yearn for ways to be more efficient, get more done and generate better results… today? Here’s strategic planning for the rest of us.


What Needs To Happen
The first step in any strategic plan is deciding what you want to happen. You can only be successful if you do everything you can to make your participants and exhibitors/sponsors successful.


To Lead or Not to Lead: Defining Leadership

| 11/29/2016

In October, I had an awesome opportunity to speak at the University of Houston. I spoke as part of the Dean’s Leadership Series, where I was privileged to engage with a group of future leaders. I was asked to answer this question: What makes a good leader? I emphasized that my point of view is based on my own experiences; I have been led by some great leaders and semi-led by some not-so-good leaders. So, digging in…


There is no such thing as a natural born leader. Instead, those who are willing can develop into leaders through nurturing – not because of nature. While we cannot change our DNA (nature), we can effectively nurture our leadership skills. In your life, you can identify leaders by simply looking around and observing who is good and who is not. You want to emulate those who are great and avoid the practices of those who are ineffective.